Let’s Discuss The Mistreatment of Veterans.

Let’s talk about the veterans or better still how disgustingly Canada’s Conservative Government treats them.

I can talk about this because I am a Canadian and although I don’t subscribe to war and the carnage it causes; I can empathize for those who go out to war. My parents and grand parents fought in the two great wars. War is disgusting and war is evil and personally I would love it if there was never war anywhere. However, I do believe we should honour those who do put their lives on the line for their country.

I can’t figure out why we are wasting peoples lives in a war that can never be won but we have people who are over there sticking their necks out. These men and women have gone over there and been killed or injured and will never return or be the same again.

How does the Canadian government honour and treat them upon their return? Can we say worse than they would treat criminals. Actually criminals receive considerably better  treatment and so do terrorists.

Recently a ship owned by the Tamil Tigers from Sri Lanka made port in Canada. It came laden down with so-called refugees, ones that could afford to pay $50K each to ride on it and are carrying TB and Tamil Tigers. What does the Canadian government do, why they open their arms and our wallets and let them land in our country. The USA tells such shiploads to sail home or meet Davey Jones. Australia, tells such boatloads to also sail on as they don’t want them. Canada will kick their veterans in the teeth, while letting these sneaky terrorists into the country.

The Conservatives think it is more admirable to be charitable to terrorists and others than their own citizens and especially the ones who put their lives on the line. Cutting benefits or depriving those who are coming from the war is the MO of the Harper government. The Conservative Government is ripe with cold-heartedness. Do I believe there is government malfeasance, you bet I do. I believe it is time we get some kind of politician insecticide and clean out the government.

It is time we take our politicians and let them prance about Afghanistan, maybe we will be lucky and they will get body parts blown off. When they return we will tell them to prove that their missing limbs, illness, or shell shock is due to going to war. Then we can tell them that they will receive no pension or benefits, after all we have to give their pensions and benefits to a boatload of so-called refugees. These people come here and it costs us 50k for each of them and not counting the money and lodgings they will set them up with. They get to land and stay in a place I would love to live but can’t afford to. It disgusts me that government is treating everyone better than their own citizens and their veterans.
Canada’s treatment of their own citizens while playing the caped crusader with those who sneak into the country is reprehensible. Conservative Government is embarrassing and it embarrasses me to be a Canadian. The government makes us all look like a bunch of stupid little sissies.

You wonder how betrayed all of those who fought in this war and previous wars feel. Their country has let them down and treated them worse than if they had been in a prisoner of war camp. I know that veterans left from WWII, feel very betrayed by this government of scoundrels.

The Canadian government does not believe that charity begins at home and neither do they believe in helping those that are doing something, that none of those sissy politicians would do.

I think we should go back to Medieval times where the ones who decide others should go to war have to lead them to war. They would see things differently and they would make sure that these people are cared for when they return.

Even pirates had a great health care system for their crews. If you lost an arm, leg, eye, you got paid. The Canadian government isn’t as good as the captain of a pirate ship or a Medieval king. Stephen Harper thinks he is king but he is nothing but the village idiot and his band of sissy blood suckers.

People it is time we stand with each other and behind our veterans for the service they have performed. The government doesn’t care for their citizens they just like to look good to foreign terrorists.

Pat Stogren, the veterans ombudsman has made it clear how disgusted he is in the Canadian government and now it is time the people are heard. He is going to lose his job but he is making sure that the veterans know he was fighting for them and how disgusting the government is. It is time that the politicians hit the front lines and take some sneaky terrorists with them.


~ by RL Ryder on August 18, 2010.

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