The Age of Ignorance

We are in the age of ignorance and lack of discontent. What happened to the days of protest songs, anti establishment protests, looking for clean solutions? It seems all of those who protested and did these things back in the 60’s and 70’s have become everything they were against.

They dropped out, smoked-up, and most of them copped out. They turned into everything they hated and turned into greedy oil executives and corrupt government officials. Everything they hated and were against they are today.

The ever continuing oil fiasco in the gulf coast is a prime example of big conglomerates controlling the governments. Governments could make a stand and say no drilling in the oceans and seas but the almighty dollar doesn’t talk but screams in their faces and the proceeds to kick them in the snout. Instead of fighting back they lie on the ground, face up and beg to be beaten by the thousand pound bully.

It is time people got off their apathetic and ignorant arses and stood up to these bullies. It will take more than a century to clean up the water from this oil spill and mean time they will proceed to drill and spill.

We live in a sad world, a world where the our children and their children will never get a chance to see what these animals look like except in a book. All because of government malfeasance and greedy corportaions. Soon we will have no blade of grass, no water and no fresh air. What happened to looking for alternative fuel sources?

In the 60’s and 70’s the movement for brown rice, healty eating, clean air, protesting corruption, war, and other evils was big. By this time we should have had alternative fuel sources in full effect, but we have digressed. Everyone slacks back and many people from then are now in charge of these greedy corrupt institutions.

People need to be informed instead of sitting on their fannies like spoiled brats and doing nothing. Let’s get back to the business of life and sustaining life, instead of destroying life.


~ by RL Ryder on July 21, 2010.

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